Saturday, April 25, 2009

Update On My Last CVS Trip...

I went back to CVS last night and had told them that I'd like to return the 4 Loreal eyeliners that I had bought that had costs me $8.49 BOGO = $16.98. I told the cashier that they weren't the price that I thought they were and that there was a sticker above them saying $2.49. The cashier rung them up again on her register and 2of them were now ringing up at around $4.49 each and the other 2 were still at $8.49 BOGO. She was very confused of why they were ringing up differenly than what it said on my reciept. She also didn't know how to go about it with all of the coupons that I had used. I told her that I used $8 worth of Loreal coupons. She asked for the manager to come up to help her out. He explained to her that the $4.49 eyeliners were the induvidual prices of the eyeliners, but when they are BOGO, they will ring up $8.49 BOGO. He had us both very confused and he wasn't much help, and then he told her to refund me whatever. So she gave me back a CVS giftcard with $18.00 on it! I felt quilty though, because after all of the coupons I had used it should have only been around $9.00 that I would have got back, and I reminded her of that, but she said that giving me the $18.00 was the easiet way of doing it. So now I have some CVS spending money for quite awhile.

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Anonymous said...

You should not feel guilty the money you paid plus the coupons is what the store got for those eyeliners.
Stores get paid the coupon plus an additonal handling fee for each coupon that they accept so technically CVS made money even on your return.