Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Saving Cents With Sense - Is giving away a $10 CVS card. This contest ends March 27th.

Simple - Is giving away a LeapFrog Tag reader, 5 Tag books, and 1 expanded memory Tag reader, plus 10 Tag books for their local library. Giveaway ends March 31st.

The Giveaway - Is giving away a 4pc baby bedding set from Nava's Designs. Choose 1 out of 4 gorgeous sets! This contest ends March 28th.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

3/15 - Wegmans - Saved $122.78


Total Before Coupons: $237.56
Total After Coupons: $114.78

Total Saved: $122.78

There is so much food, that I couldn't get it all in the picture. There is a lot hidden under and behind things. Anyway, I was excited to find out that Wegmans honors the 6 triple $0.99 and 4 double $1.00 coupons that Giant Food PA runs in their ad every few weeks. This week Giant Food happens to have 6 triple $0.99 coupons in their ad, so that helped me save a little extra at Wegmans. I'll definately remember that for next time.

CVS - 3/15 - $1.00 OOP


4 Hershey Kisses - $1.88 Each (Spend $10.00 on Hershey's Candy Get $5.00 ECBs)
4 Reese's Peanut Butter Mini Eggs - $2.00 Each
2 Ritz Crackers - $1.00 Each
1 Colgate Toothpaste - $2.99 (Get $2.99 ECBs)
1 Irish Spring Body Wash - $4.99 (Get $4.99 ECBs)
1 Dri Idea Deodorant - $2.99 (Get $2.00 ECBs)
1 Winterfresh Gum - $1.19

Total = $29.68


4 Hershey's Candy - $2.00/2 Each
1 Ritz Cracker/Wheat Thins - $2.00/2
1 Colgate Toothpaste - $1.00
1 Dri Idea Deodorant - $2.00
1 Wrigleys Gum - Free - $1.19
1 Irish Spring Body Wash - $0.50

Used $13.99 ECBs

Payed $1.00 Out Of Pocket

$14.98 Earned ECBs

Monday, March 09, 2009

Huggies Coupons Reset!

The coupons have been reset so you have another chance at printing more $3.00 and $5.00 Huggies coupons... remember to hit the refresh or back button to print them twice. Go to to get them now.

CVS - 3/8 - $1.34 OOP


3 Boxes of Lucky Charms - 3/$10.00 (Get $5.00 ECBs)
2 Garnier Nutrisse Hair Dye - 2/$10.00 (Get $5.00 ECBs)
1 Physicians Formula Compact - $13.99 (Get $10.00 ECBs)
1 Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste - $2.99 (Get $2.00 ECBs)
1 Renuzit TriScents - $4.99

Total = $41.97


3 Lucky Charms - $0.55 Each
1 General Mills - $1.00/2
1 Renuzit TriScents - $4.00
1 Physicians Formula - $3.00
1 Crest - $1.00
2 Garnier Hair Dye - $2.00 Each

Used $25.98 ECBs

Payed $1.34 Out Of Pocket

$22.00 Earned ECBs

Friday, March 06, 2009

Very Cheap Gevalia Coffee

Go to to get 3 boxes of coffee in a variety of flavors for only $3.00, that's including shipping. You will also receive a free stainless steel mug. I was able to put an order in for my name and then a second order in my husband's name. It worked out with no problems. I can't wait to try this coffee!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Never2Late2Save - Giving away a $10 Victoria Secret gift card

Two of a Kind Working on a Full House - Giving away See Kai Run children's shoes

A Frugal Friend - Giving away a gift box filled with Suave products

Monday, March 02, 2009

Huggies Coupons $5/1 & $3/1!

Go here to print your coupons for $5/1 Huggies Gentle Care product, and $3/1 Huggies Natural Fit product. These are great high value coupons, and you can print each twice! Print your coupons soon because I don't look for these to be on the website for long.

CVS - 3/1 - Register Wouldn't Accept Coupons!

I was excited about all of the great deals that I had in my cart at CVS yesterday. I had my coupons ready to go and I thought that I was going to pay only a few cents out of my pocket for everything in my cart, and gain a ton of ECBs. Boy, was I wrong! There was a problem at the register that the cashier said has never happen to her before. My first two coupons scanned with no problem, then the cashier tried scanning the rest of my coupons, and the register refused to accept them. Apparently the register was telling her that it would not accept anymore coupons, because I had exceeded over $2.00 in coupons??? My cashier was very confused and getting frustrated. So she called a manager up and he told her to void the whole order and redo everything. So I took everything back out of the bags and we tried again. It still was not accepting my coupons! I asked her to scan my ECBs... it took them without a problem. The cashier told me that the only thing she could do is take my CVS coupons ($5/$30 CVS coupon & $2.00 off Playskool wipes) and give me the cash back for those, and she wasn't able to use my manufactured coupons at all. But first I had to pay for my things. My total was $36.48. I had used $28.98 in ECBs and my total came down to $7.50. Then I gave her my $5/$30 CVS coupon, and my total came to $2.50. I payed $2.50 out of pocket and she gave me back $7.00 for the $5/$30 CVS coupon and the $2.00 off Playskool wipes coupon. I was so confused at the time, and I figured she knew what she was doing. She gave me all of my manufactured coupons back to use another time, and she apologized for the confusion and the problem with the register. When I got in the car I had realized that what I had done by using all of my ECBs was the wrong thing to do. If my plan would have gone the right way and the register was accepting my coupons, I would have only used a little under $20.00 in ECBs, and gained back $17.97. But by doing it the way that I did, I had used $28.98 in ECBs and got back $17.97 in ECBs. So I lost $8.98 in ECBs. It bothered me the whole day that I lost those ECBs, and that I had actually bought items without using coupons! I should have just put everything back and went to a different CVS, but I was afraid I wasn't going to find everything that I wanted to purchase at a different store. So my CVS experience was not really a good one yesterday, and I don't know how a register just figures it going to refuse to take coupons suddenly. It was very strange. I do wish that the manager would have spent more than 30 seconds up at the register trying to figure out what the problem was. He wasn't very helpful at all to the cashier. Anyway, I'm not going to post my scenario, because I think I pretty much summed it all up already in this post. LOL!

Kmart - 2/28 - $4.04 OOP

My grand total for all of this... taadaa... $4.04! My total savings was $30.13 and I used $20.75 in coupons. I'm not sure if that includes the $5.00 Kmart reward coupon though.