Monday, March 02, 2009

CVS - 3/1 - Register Wouldn't Accept Coupons!

I was excited about all of the great deals that I had in my cart at CVS yesterday. I had my coupons ready to go and I thought that I was going to pay only a few cents out of my pocket for everything in my cart, and gain a ton of ECBs. Boy, was I wrong! There was a problem at the register that the cashier said has never happen to her before. My first two coupons scanned with no problem, then the cashier tried scanning the rest of my coupons, and the register refused to accept them. Apparently the register was telling her that it would not accept anymore coupons, because I had exceeded over $2.00 in coupons??? My cashier was very confused and getting frustrated. So she called a manager up and he told her to void the whole order and redo everything. So I took everything back out of the bags and we tried again. It still was not accepting my coupons! I asked her to scan my ECBs... it took them without a problem. The cashier told me that the only thing she could do is take my CVS coupons ($5/$30 CVS coupon & $2.00 off Playskool wipes) and give me the cash back for those, and she wasn't able to use my manufactured coupons at all. But first I had to pay for my things. My total was $36.48. I had used $28.98 in ECBs and my total came down to $7.50. Then I gave her my $5/$30 CVS coupon, and my total came to $2.50. I payed $2.50 out of pocket and she gave me back $7.00 for the $5/$30 CVS coupon and the $2.00 off Playskool wipes coupon. I was so confused at the time, and I figured she knew what she was doing. She gave me all of my manufactured coupons back to use another time, and she apologized for the confusion and the problem with the register. When I got in the car I had realized that what I had done by using all of my ECBs was the wrong thing to do. If my plan would have gone the right way and the register was accepting my coupons, I would have only used a little under $20.00 in ECBs, and gained back $17.97. But by doing it the way that I did, I had used $28.98 in ECBs and got back $17.97 in ECBs. So I lost $8.98 in ECBs. It bothered me the whole day that I lost those ECBs, and that I had actually bought items without using coupons! I should have just put everything back and went to a different CVS, but I was afraid I wasn't going to find everything that I wanted to purchase at a different store. So my CVS experience was not really a good one yesterday, and I don't know how a register just figures it going to refuse to take coupons suddenly. It was very strange. I do wish that the manager would have spent more than 30 seconds up at the register trying to figure out what the problem was. He wasn't very helpful at all to the cashier. Anyway, I'm not going to post my scenario, because I think I pretty much summed it all up already in this post. LOL!


Jessica said...

I would return any of the stuff that you don't really want to buy without coupons... you could always buy it with the coupons at a different CVS.

One in a Million Mom said...

Take the stuff that you had coupons for to the customer service register and tell them the problem (you wanted to use coupons but couldn't) and they should be able to refund the ECB's you paid with onto a Gift Card for you.

Then rebuy the items using the coupons and pay with the Gift Card.

The Coupon thing you described happened to me once, sometimes The ECB's will tell the register it is a coupon and depending on how much you are buying you can only have one coupon per item. That is why I no longer try to stack manu and CVS coupons.

Sweetwater Savings said...

I hate when I have a scenario planned out and it goes awry at the cash register. Not only do I lose out on money, but then I'm mad at myself later. If it doesn't stress you out too much try to take the items back and do what the other comments suggested, but don't let it get to you. There is always another deal to build your ECB's back up!

Nicky said...

Do you buy things you don't use? If so what do you do with them?