Thursday, August 28, 2008

Try Them All Free...

Buy one package of 1 lb. Land O Lakes butter in 8 half sticks between now and October 14th. Mail in the completed certificate, UPC and receipt, and you should get your money back (up to $4.39) in 6-8 weeks.

Buy a box of BUNdinos frozen snacks, fill it out the rebate form, and send it in along with the original receipt and UPC by 8/30/08 to get a rebate of up to $2.99. You only have 2 days to do this, so hurry!

Purchase any Arm & Hammer Essentials Cleaners Starter Kit and receive a rebate by mail for the full purchase price (up to $3.50). Just make your purchase by 11/15/08 and mail in the completed certificate by 11/30/08.

Get up to a $3.00 rebate when you purchase a Lunchables Pizza.

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