Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CVS $3.00/$15.00 Coupon PA Residents

I found a new $3.00 off a $15.00 purchase coupon yesterday at my local CVS store. It is in the 50 Plus Senior News for Dauphin County, PA. You can find it at the entrance of CVS... at least it was for the CVS in Hershey, PA, and this coupon is good till the end of the year and it's only valid for Pennsylvania CVS stores. I only grabbed 3, because I thought they were going to expire on July 20th like the other coupons that are out there right now, and now I am wishing I would have looked closer at the date when I picked up the papers. I'm hoping I can get back over there before the rest are taken. Anyway, I just thought I let Pennsylvania CVSers, lol, know about this new coupon I found.

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Katie Gregg said...

Thanks....I'll have to see if the stores in Berks County have them! :)